Submitting Your Link

In order to have your website, or links to your website, show up in search engines and on other websites, you need to submit your link to your website to these sites. If you submit your link to these sites, you can gain new customers, draw in more local customers, and increase your profits.

Bigger websites have their own pages where you can submit a link. Google has a page for link submitting, which also shows you how to Increase your visibility by submitting and optimizing your website for Google. It has specialized pages to submit links based on whether you are a website owner, a business owner, someone who wants to submit your link for publishing and media purposes, or part of a Public Agency or NGO. This ensures that when you submit site link, your link will be put in the proper category.

Other large websites such as Yahoo and Bing have similar systems for links submitting for their search engines. There are also companies that will add or submit your link to other websites if you submit to them. These companies submit your link to thousands of other websites, making your link available in many new places for new people to see. Some of these services are even free, allowing you to let thousands of new people access your website for no cost on your part.

Before you submit your link and make it more public, be sure your website is exactly what you want it to be. Hiring a web designer may be a good idea to help you maximize the accessibility and visual appeal of your website. While increasing the visibility of your website is vitally important, it will only help so much if people do not consider your website one they wish to return to, or if they do not find it memorable at all.


Submit Your Link