Take Advantage of Social Bookmarking in Three Steps

Did you know that, according to Search Engine Land, search engines are the number one source of external traffic to web sites? Facebook alone has over 1.1 billion users as of May 2013, according to Expanded Ramblings, and yet search still generates over 300% more traffic than any social platform. Getting a high ranking in search engines is a recipe combining keywords, networking, quality content, web design, and social media. By using a social bookmarking service, like StumbleUpon, you take advantage of the benefits of social media and networking by generating quality links, called back links, to your page. Here are three steps to make that happen.

  1. Write Quality Content
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    The first step in any SEO effort is to produce content that people want to read and search engines like to catalog. Inbound Writer points out that 61% of users like companies better when they make the effort to produce quality, customized content. This leads to an increased conversion rate. If you do not write content that provides useful information and engages readers, then no one will ever want to submit links to their friends on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Submit Your Link
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    After writing and publishing your quality content, you should take it to a site that accepts links submitting. Many popular social bookmarking sites exist that will let you do this in a way that is fun and has an impact on SEO. StumbleUpon, for example, allows you to share your content through their database for free. Once you do so, their users will be able to “stumble upon” your content. As Tree Top Rankings points out, quality content that is easily shareable is a winning combination for virality. The concept of viral content is simple. If you have content that offers a service, whether that is laughter or enlightenment, then one person will share. Following that, another person will share. The results replicate themselves like a virus. Quality and convenience are musts.

  5. Maintain the Effort
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    If you want to take full advantage of links submitting sites you need to maintain a constant effort. Just because you submit a link to StumbleUpon does not mean you are done. You should then submit site links to Digg, Reddit, Twitter, and other services. Social Bookmarking SEO rightly points out that the trick to growing traffic through links submitting is to stick with it. Engage your followers on each site. Share things with them beyond your own content. Be an active participant in the community and show people you are more than a marketing effort. It is a time consuming effort, but it is well worth it since search engines take note of your links’ popularity on bookmarking sites.

By writing high quality content, submitting it to popular social bookmarking links submitting sites, and nurturing your social presence as you would a plant you can effectively harness bookmarking as a SEO tool. While it is free, it is also time consuming. However, as you will see, it is well worth the effort.


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