Want to Submit Back Links? Read This First

Did you know that 90 percent of web experiences begin with a search engine? Today, the most popular services on the web are search engines and email. Most businesses realize it is important to be ranked high in search engine results for key words and phrases relevant to their products. 80 percent of people ignore paid ads at the top of searches in favor of organic links, and the majority never go past the first page of results. For these reasons and more, many companies are using SEO, or search engine optimization, services.

SEO takes on multiple forms in the online marketing world. SEO primarily focuses on the creation of quality content in the form of blogs, infographics, and articles. This content is ideally both relevant and interesting, since it will then not only appeal to search engines but also to users, who will, by viewing it more, increase the relevancy value of the site, as determined by Google algorithms.

Another aspect of creating good and relevant content is being able to back link submit. Back linking is basically when one website references another. In their explanation of PageRank, Google has noted that when site A refers to site B, they see that as a vote for site B. In this instance, your company website would be the site B, and content posted elsewhere that is relevant to your products or services would be site A.

When you submit back links, it is important that the content being posted is relevant to the type of content your website discusses, since Google judges this to be a more relevant relationship and will adjust rank accordingly to reflect the perceived importance of site B. Many people using back link submit websites are not really sure of what their doing, and they end up causing their website more harm than good.

Remember when you back link submit to make sure the content will be relevant. Now that Google has updated its algorithms, it will be harder to use link spam measures, so submit links to Submit Your Link sites that seem legitimate and require more input than just a url. Also remember to use online analysis tools to see if your site does better after using back link submit.


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