What To Know Before You Start Your Ceramic Coating – Car Talk Podcast

C coating on your car? in this short video Nick the owner of Detail Peoria describes what you have to know before going through the process of applying a.

There are many times you’ve heard of ceramic coatings everywhere but don’t know what exactly it means. Nick discusses the benefits of the ceramic coating. Your car will look elegant and shining and will continue be that indefinitely. The vehicle will stay more clean and resistant to things such as salt, tar or even dust. Ceramic coatings last for years, unlike wax. The wax coating needs to be applied every few months and because of this, you will lower your costs when you use a ceramic coating on your car.

Although this sounds like a fun addition to your car, you should know certain things about it before you consider it.

Not all ceramic coatings are identical and are not all applied in the same manner. Ceramic coatings may perform differently as they each have their own functions. You need to choose an installer who is reliable and reliable brand. This video will show you what you should look for in the installer or brand you choose to put on a ceramic coating to your car.



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