What to Ask Your Orthodontist Before Choosing Them – Dentist Lifestyle

There are a lot of questions may arise when selecting the correct option. This video will show Dr. Nate (an orthodontist) answering three common questions that most likely you’ve had to ask your dentist prior to. You can ask the most experienced orthodontists around these three questions to determine whether they’re the best fit for you.

If you’re looking to choose an orthodontist in your area as you or your child require braces, it’s important to ask them about the procedure and how they manage everything. One of the questions he receives often is how they get rid of all braces’ glue after the treatment is complete. The doctor says they get rid of all the glue. An experienced orthodontist will take out all glue from their patients and provide them with a cleaning once their braces are off completely making sure they’ve freshly cleansed teeth. However, he also mentions that he has noticed that patients are always asking about scars that could form on teeth from not brushing properly or flossing during the time they wear braces.

Watch this entire video to hear more questions that are appropriate to ask your dentist.



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