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ears. What is the secret to their popularity? Get more information from the following video. Mexican style blends wrought iron and wooden furnishings made of rustic wood in a stunning array of bright and vibrant colours.

It has elements from Spanish missionaries as well as conquistadors that introduced Mexico-American culture to the world. This design is also adorned with parts from Mexico’s indigenous tribes including the Aztecs as well as the Mayans. The blend of European Spanish architecture and local cultural traditions create some of the stunning and beautiful decor found anywhere on earth.

Mexican furniture tends to be rustic, made mostly from pine and mesquite, as well as the reclaimed wood. It’s classified into various subgroups such as:

* Spanish Colonial
Santa Fe
* Tuscan
* Texas Ranch

The most stylish and formal Mexican furniture is the Spanish colonial pieces. The Tuscan table has the Mediterranean Old World look, the Texas ranches or Sants Fe are rustic and remind us of The Old West. Mexican furniture can be polished by putting on a light distressed look that is weathered or natural wood. It can also be stained in dark, rich copper tones. dkrd54q9ed.


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