Understanding Your Dental X-rays – Health and Fitness Tips

t are unfamiliar to you. These are the most common words you will come across when you are in dental.

“Radiolucent” is the term used to describe when objects appear dark in the dental xrays such for the nerve of the tooth. Radiopaque means objects that appear white or perhaps translucent, similar to the enamel of your tooth. This is both normal and not indicative of an issue like tooth decay. Sometimes, however, the variation between dark and light may indicate some issue. Examples include severe radiolucency as a result of tooth decay. Radiolucency near the root of your tooth can indicate an the presence of infection.

However, it may be because of completely normal teeth. An implant could cause a brightening effect at the very top of your teeth. Radiopaque whiteness can also be due to root canals however this is not a cause for anxiety.

While the effects of dental xrays can appear daunting initially, a dentist will help you understand them and guide you to the appropriate treatment procedure. 5jf7we3ond.


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