The Various Avenues of an Orthopedic Specialist – Reference Video.net

decide on a specialty until halfway through medical school and when you apply for your residency.

The vast majority of orthopedic physicians opt for a specific area of expertise in hand surgery. Hand surgery is one of the most popular. This would involve any hand injuries or procedures involving the hand. Another area you may be interested in would be sports medicine. Doctors in this field are usually employed in the role of team physicians for major league and professional sports teams. These doctors are often called upon to deal with common injuries like fractures, and tears.

The second specialty orthopedic surgeons could choose to do is joint replacement. Most often, it will be hip or knee replacements. Shoulder and elbow specialists see a lot of rotator cuff tears, commonly in people who work with their arms or play sports such as baseball. In addition, spinal surgery is an individual specialty. It is distinct from a neural surgeon who works with the brain and the spinal cord. It is not the bones.

All of them may require years of study and hard work. Understanding the possibilities in advance will assist you better comprehend the goals you want to achieve and your timeline.



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