Signs You May Need Roofing Repairs – Memphis Roof Repair News

Roof repairs, especially on the exterior of your home’s roof and home are necessary to prevent further damage.

What are the best ways to determine what repairs are needed to your roof? Jeff Beck from Ridge op Exteriors provides a roof tour of his top priorities to determine if the roofing system needs repairs.

Jeff discusses the process by which the asphalt tiles underneath the layer are protected by the tile’s granular structure. The asphalt tiles beneath it are damaged when the top layer has granular loss. Asphalt is more vulnerable to elements. Keeping the granular coating in great appearance keeps roofing repairs or roof replacements at bay.

Damaged granular tiles have a dark appearance in the places where the granules been worn away or cracked due to sun, wind, and snow. It is recommended to remove the tile during roof repairs. Mr. Beck also points out that face nails that have appeared to be soaring, or that have been calked, nails ought to be put back into place or replaced with new nails. Then everything should be covered in caulking so that snow and rain don’t get into the nail. Particularly for rooftop vents and air vents.



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