Should You Be Looking at Slate Roofing? – Reference Video.net

John Stortz and Son look at the benefits in slate roofing.

Slate roofs do not have the risk to leak than other types. The reason is that the shingles are heavier. They’re far too heavy to be lifted by wind and rain can’t get under the roof. It is also less likely to blow slate roof shingles off and cause costly repair or replacement.

It’s far less likely to see slate develop the moss and mold than other roofing materials like asphalt. Still, it’s far less likely. Mold or moss is bad for roofing as they hold water, and eventually turn into leaks.

Slate roofs are also extremely sturdy. The slate roof has been found to last as long as 75 years. In contrast, other types of roofing only last 20 years. Slate roofs need to be examined every year, as do other forms of roofing. The slate roofing is known to cut down on energy consumption to homeowners due to the fact that the heavier tiles are more efficient in insulating. w7ih5wxf4v.


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