Introduction to Asian Fusions – Twilight Guide

An fusion and what the future holds for them.

NYC, LA and San Francisco are all popular destinations to enjoy Asian culinary delights. Many of them offer two menus, one of traditional and another American.

The globalization process has changed the world of food. The number of chefs is now higher senior positions than ever before. Food ingredients from all over the globe can be sent to restaurants across the US and this allows for greater variety and authenticity in dishes.

Fung Tu is a NYC chef who explains how Asian fusions were first introduced in the early days of Chinese railroad workers modified food items to match the food and ingredients. He explains how fusion can refer to a variety of things as well as have negative and positive connotations.

Fung Tu makes dishes that combine culinary elements from Asia and America. He also incorporates elements different cultures and geographical regions. Most of his recipes include New York City ingredients.

Modern cooks and diners have more knowledge than ever before, which allows for innovative fresh recipes. Visit the following link to get additional information on Asian Fusion.



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