Incredible Signed Baseball – The Art Museum


local pawn store. These are fantastic places for bargain prices on old-fashioned items that possess an interesting story. Perhaps you’ll be able to acquire an old treasure. The video below will demonstrate how one Pawn Shop was able to find a rare all-star signed baseball.

The video shows the authentically signed 1962 all-star ball. This game took place at the historical Wrigley Field in Chicago. It’s home to Chicago Cubs. Chicago Cubs baseball club. It has signatures from famous players like Mickey Mantle, roger Marris, Al Kaline, and Yogi Berra. The ball was autographed by the all-stars of all thirty. What is the authenticity of the signatures? Some players couldn’t sign the balls because they were busy. Other players would then sign their names. This is known as clubhouse signatures. The ball was examined by a professional and discovered both signatures of the clubhouse in addition to authentic signatures. Roger Marris’ and Al Kaline’s signatures were authentic while Mickey Mantle’s and Yogi’s signatures are clubhouse signatures. This expensive ball was sold for $450. You may be amazed at the items you’ll discover in your local pawnshop.



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