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How to Travel with a Chronic Health Condition

Travel is really some special that only humans can fully appreciate.  Did you know Cleveland has an incredible tiki bar?  It’s true.  Wild life can’t appreciate that.  Unfortunately some of us are afflicted with chronic health conditions that can severely limit mobility and diet. What can you do if you would like to see the world and experience different cultures and people and food, but your body is holding you back?

We were researching this topic when we came across this blog post. This post gives simple actionable advice on how to travel the world even if you have a chronic health condition. We found it enlightening.  If you have health issues that have been holding you back from travelling, you know someone in that situation, or you are just curious about the topic, we suggest giving it a read.

For more information about travelling with a chronic health condition and to read this article, please follow this link:


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