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An above-the-island hanger The hanger is not functional, and just can’t be used any more. Stay clear of the white kitchen. White-on-white was one of the latest trends which have been fading away. Another “use to own” piece of kitchen equipment is the skirted or farmhouse sink. Before you take any decisions on fixtures or appliances make sure to do the necessary research. Do not invest a lot of money today only to be faced with buying remorse in a month or two.
Consider your pantry

A gorgeous custom kitchen ought to be equipped with an ample pantry. A pantry is an excellent area to store dry goods and ingredients and provide shelf places to place appliances off the counter. It is a space that can serve as a closet as well as a storage space. Work with the designer of the kitchen team figure out ways to design the perfect pantry area in the kitchen of your choice.

It is possible that your kitchen is small to make room for an extra pantry, but you may be pleasantly surprised by what a designer team is able to come up with. It is not necessary to create a large pantry (although it would be great) it’s all you need is enough space for food storage and catch the overflow of kitchen appliances.

The purpose of space is to make it both functional and attractive. Making sacrifices to some floor space in the kitchen for the pantry will be worthwhile. A beautiful custom kitchen is generally a test of compromising. There may be a need to go by a smaller kitchen island in order to create space for the pantry, but it would be well worth the effort.

Be sure to invest in lighting

Lighting is an important element of a functional kitchen. It is a crucial part of your kitchen design. If you’re like many homeowners, your kitchen is used for lots of usage over and above mealtimes and cooking. It is the place that everyone gathers to do homework, pay their bills, or just relax. The flexibility of lighting will ensure that you can perform all things that happen in the kitchen are able to be performed



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