How to Clean Your Ice Machine – Maine’s Finest

with the video above.

The first thing to do is dismantle the panel from it’s internal mechanisms. Then, remove the cover from the evaporator and look over the grid to find any pieces of ice trapped. There is a need to remove any remaining ice within your garbage bin, regardless of whether it has froze at its base.

For safety, wear gloves and wear goggles made from latex. Then, start the machine’s cleaning process. It can last anywhere from 20 to one hour. You can add cleaner to the water trough. Check the instructions or manual to figure out how much cleaner is needed.

Mix OEM and warm water, then clean the cover on the evaporator sink with a cloth or brush. Once the process of cleaning is done, scrub the evaporator grid along with any other component inside, such water pipes and containers.

To remove any residue cleaner, run the cycle of cleaning several times more. Use sanitizer, then continue the cycle. Once the cycle is finished you can run another clean cycle that does not use soap or sanitizer. clean the machine completely.

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