Everything You Need to Know About Nema Power Cords – Car Talk Radio

There is a chance that you’ve heard of NEMA power cords. If you’ve never heard of them you’ll have plenty to know. Keep reading to learn everything that you should know about NEMA power cords.

Let’s begin with how NEMA power cords actually are. NEMA power cords are lengths composed of materials that conduct electric energy from a central source of power to the piece of electrical equipment, or an electrical appliance such as refrigerators or stoves.

They can be semi-rigid to certain applications But in general, are flexible in nature. They have two electrical plugs each at the at the end, a male as well as a female plug. Although the female plug could connect to any device that needs electricity and power, the male plug will be connected to an outlet and any other source of energy.

Who determines the standards for NEMA outlets and cords? NEMA also known as The National Electrical Manufacturers Association is responsible for setting standards regarding every component of the electrical supply to North America. This includes NEMA 15 plugs and NEMA 1430 power cords.

Watch the video to learn what you can about NEMA cable power!



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