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Ensuring Your Child’s Saftey in School

It has become an unfortunate reality that school is not always a safe space for your child. Beyond the headline making tragedies that we are all aware of creating anxiety amongst our most vulnerable, there is also the question of emotional safety.  Kids need those belong signals in place in order to build confidence and create the situation necessary to learn.  There are ways to build safety in schools that go beyond running shooting drills, which have actually been proven to raise anxiety and fear in school kids.

We were researching this problem when we came across a great article online.  This article explains five steps everyone can take to increase safety and belonging in schools.  Everything for enhancing physical safety to encouraging team sports and joining of social clubs is considered. We found it eye opening to say the least.  If you have a school age child, work in a school, or are just interested in the topic, we suggest giving it a read. Hopefully you’ll find value in it as well.

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