Garage Door Community 1st Charity Drive Winner – You Choose Car Insurance

The winners will each receive the sum of $500, and also a donation of $500 to the charity of their choice. The hosts announce who the lucky winner will be as Patsy Bates of Texas. The prize money will be sent to her residence via Neighborhood Garage Door Service.
Patsy an older lady in a tidy home, beams when the reps deliver balloons and flowers at her door. She speaks in a deep southern accent, she thank them and expresses her joy in having won the lottery. Her preferred charity is St. Jude, a hospital for research into children’s cancer. Therefore, the $500 gift will go.
Patsy is welcomed with balloons and blooms from her hosts. The hosts also take pictures of her. Patsy says she’s already shared the news with all of her friends and that she will share the photos on Facebook. As they say goodbye everybody is content. To urge people to purchase and donate, the video disappears with commercials to Neighborhood Garage Door Service and Community First Charity Drive. It’s not difficult to figure out the reasons why people are enticed to the movie and seek additional information.
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