What’s Happening in Spokane Washington?

Although right now most of the world is on pause as we work through our current health crisis.  However before you know it, it’ll be time to get out and be with people again.  Once the quarantine is lifted and it’s time to get out there, how do you know what’s actually going on?  If you live in or around Spokane, Washington there is a great resource out there that will let all local residents know what is coming up. So whether you are interested in getting outside and getting active, you can learn what kind of 5K runs and bike races are out there for you to enjoy. And if you are more culturally minded, you can learn about what bands are coming to town, what productions are going up on the stage, and what’s happening at the Symphony.

We were looking for Spokane events and were fortunate to find a site that continually updates with the events that can make for memorable moments.


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