What is a Pelvic Floor Doctor? – Exercise Tips For Women

A pelvic floor doctor can assist you if you have suffered from urinary, bowel or sexual problems. Read on to learn what the pelvic floor doctor can do and what you can expect from your first visit.

The most important thing to realize is you are not alone. Your symptoms are unique but typical. Physicians have dealt with these before and know what it’s like to be the first who enters the room.

Your appointment will begin with you being fully clothed. The next step is an interview with your pelvic floor physician. They’ll ask what you are most concerned about as well as what symptoms you experience and if you have some questions. The doctor will need these details prior to the physical exam.

It’s not just pelvic floor muscles that are involved in bowel, urinary, as well as sexual manifestations, but most of the tissues and muscles that run from your ribs to your knees. A doctor will look at the muscles and tissues to see if they’re active or reactive.

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