The Basics of Fire Sprinkler Systems – Maine’s Finest

kler systems are extremely effective at identifying and controlling fires before they grow to the point of being out of control. The following video will explain the basics of a fire suppression sprinkler.

The sprinkler system is comprised of an irrigation head, as well as a water supply for the sprinkler. The sprinkler head consists of two parts: a plug, a bulb and frame, as well as the mechanism for the sprinkler. Water is constantly flowing to the sprinkler head but the tube made of glass and the plug keep it contained.

The glass tube plays the crucial element in turning on a sprinkler system. The temperature of a flame can cause glass to break, which allows the sprinkler system to be turned on. The water then flows into the sprinkler and is spread all over the room, which smothers the flame. There are many different types that are made of glass. Some require high heating to break them, while some do not.

The systems for suppression of fire don’t use water. Instead, they make use of nitrogen gas to starve the flames of oxygen. It doesn’t matter what system you choose to use, it’s vital that your home has an emergency fire-fighting system. Find more information within this article.



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