Storm Chaser Attempts to Chase a Tornado of Dust – Entertainment Videos

We’re not sure who else can offer us breathtaking pictures of one of nature’s most stunning and deadly nature’s phenomena’s. The force of a tornado can tear a roof or even an entire house to shreds in a matter of minutes. In addition the fact that they are able to throw piles of destroyed house components over hundreds of feet into the air. It’s not uncommon to discover parts of structures far away from their original position. Chances of your roof getting damaged by one of these beasts are very high. In this clip the viewer will witness a storm chaser attempt to defuse a large dust-filled tornado!

At times, tornadoes can take on the hues of particles they see. These are just columns of air after all. In this video, the tornado is a brownish red color because of the dust and dirt it has gathered up. The scene is truly stunning for a look. It was a stunning sight that was almost catching this storm chaser completely off guard when it sped right up its path.



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