Learn How to Make a Custom Leather Stamping Die – Family Reading

Leather stamps need to be able to bear a significant amount of stress and pressure. Therefore, selecting the right material is vital.

To ensure that your custom leather stamping tool is perfect it is essential to use the finest material.

When you’ve printed the stamps, connect them to your rods so that you can hammer your design. Prior to attaching the rods ensure they’ve been cut into lengths of 5-6 feet. The aluminum rod is cut using a metal-cold saw. After that the rods must be cleaned. take away sharp burrs by using a handfile. Begin by creating your stamping area. Place your pounding board on top of your marble or another firm surface to accomplish this.

Apply water to the leather’s two sides with a sponge to ‘case’ it. You should not let it dry. The leather that is too dry will be difficult to stamp, while leather that is too wet may not hold the stamped patterns.

The entire video will teach how you can make the leather die. It is all you need are the right materials as well as the correct techniques to make the ideal die.

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