How to Pick a Countertop – Creative Decorating Ideas


ortant decision. It is important to find the best choice for your kitchen. Which countertop will work best for you? In this video, we will demonstrate the many countertop options you have available.

One type of countertop is a solid surface countertop. Solid surfacing countertops are beneficial because they are resistant to stains, moisture, sunlight and heat. It is easy to polish them. Also, they are affordable at the range of $50 to $75 per square feet.

Marble is also an ideal choice. It offers a timeless style. It is more prone to wear and tear. Because the porous material is vulnerable to staining and etching which means it will require more frequent maintenance. This is why it should be sealed every two to three years. The material is more prone to heat, temperature shock or discoloration as well as burns. It is also expensive at around $120 for a square foot.

Granite can be utilized in a variety of ways. Granite comes in numerous colors that can be matched to any decor. It is also extremely durable to heat, scratches and staining. No sealing is required. It is among the least expensive options at around $40 per square feet.



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