How Can You Plan for Fluctuating Cash for Gold Prices – Wall Street News


Contrary to what most people believe, gold chains are not valued solely by weight. While the cash price for gold have to be included in the cost of the final price, different factors affect the price.

At the very beginning, each piece of jewelry that is sold at a jewelry store has to get a markup to pay for cost of operations. Rent, utilities, and wages are among the expenses which need to be covered. The cost for overhead of every product sold at the shop is likely to be similar. After all, it is the same cost for small chains and the larger ones. Larger chains are likely to have lower prices per Gram.

In the next step, the caliber of the work has to be considered. Chains produced in mass quantities will come with lower costs for manufacturing as compared to chains made in-house. Chains that are more complex can cost less to manufacture than ones with a simpler design.


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