How Can Digital Marketing Agencies Stay Relevant In A Post-Pandemic World

A lot of businesses are struggling during this uncertain time. With unemployment reaching heights we have not seen since the Great Depression, nearly every industry in this country is facing some kind of struggle.  As businesses hit economic uncertainty, they need to re-evaluate where they are spending their money. During this time, marketing spend is often paused as business owners pivot to ensuring they have enough cash on hand for payroll and office expenses. But is that always a wise decision?

We were looking into this question when we found a great article online. This piece explains how digital marketing agencies can use uncertainty to their advantage.  The fact is the country is going to re-open sooner rather than later, and the businesses who have been investing in the future are the ones who will thrive. If you are in marketing, are a business owner, or are just interested in the topic, we suggest giving it a read.

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