12 Reddit Questions About DACA – Legal Videos

The short answer to that question is yes. The only time one might be qualified for DACA is if the participant enrolls into the new program of education. The likelihood of a person being approved for DACA or DACA renewal is very slim.

People want to find out the best way to show that they’re in America in 2007, even if they’ve never been to primary school. A person can make use of a number of evidence to back up their claim. The individual could present an administrative office with copies of the phone bill as well as tax transcripts from the parents of his/her. Additionally, you may establish your location by providing rent receipts or leases.

A few people are curious if they can travel into Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands with no advance parole. This depends on the extent to which flights leaving these regions are routed to other countries. There is a chance that the United States could have problems regarding returning. An experienced DACA attorney can help answer any questions you may have and guide you in obtaining or keeping DACA. 4e4nb7vhbh.


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