10 Problems with Your AC – Home Improvement Videos


When you’re able, contact a professional. This video will be able to learn about the 10 top most commonly encountered AC issues.

A bad capacitor in the condenser is more likely to be at the root of the problem. The capacitor may bulge on top and even fall off. It can happen over time, or due to contamination of the filter or condenser coil.

The most frequent issue is a unit low on refrigerant. If some is missing, that means there must there is a leak somewhere. A plugged condensate drainage is the 3rd issue. The signs are obvious in the event that there is water leaking all over. A bad control board could be the next problem. A bad control board can lead to a host of problems. It could also result from a faulty fan engine or condenser. Even though the compressor will begin to run, it will not be producing a great deal of steam. An out of commission blower could cause a burning electrical scent. A compressor can also get electrically shorted and connected to the ground. Some other possible issues include the dirty filter in your furnace or a tripped AC breaker. There are many issues that could arise that can arise with ACs.


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